New Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The kitchen is a space which needs a lot of space. As a lot of equipment are stored here to make cooking convenient. It has been seen that most houses today have electric chimneys, toasters and microwave ovens, along with blenders and mixer jars as well, they all consume a lot of space. These gadgets are used as they save time and energy which can be useful when both husband and wife have jobs. These gadgets can be used by anybody and needs very less maintenance. Along with the gadget, there’s much food to age that are available in the kitchen.

20 best useful kitchen gadgets 2015

The kitchen is a space which needs a lot of equipment to make cooking convenient. Most houses today have electric chimneys, toasters and microwave ovens, along with blenders and mixie jars as well. There are several time-saving advantages of using gadgets in the kitchen, which are very useful when both husband and wife have jobs. This video gives you an idea of a few different kitchen gadgets available in the market today. Along with the gadget, the appearance of the cut food item has also been shown. For example, first up is an Apple Slicer and Corer. It shows how an apple would appear after being sliced by the device.

Best Kitchen Sinks

It is helpful to be aware of the different type of kitchen sinks available in the market before going out to buy one or ordering it online. You can compare the various sinks before deciding which one is best suited to your kitchen. Not only is it a question of the vendor, but what works for one may not work for the other. Many households prefer to have stainless steel sinks, though porcelain ones are also available. While some need a single sink, others may want it bifurcated into two. This video shows the different types of kitchen sinks, among which the black one, possibly made of carbon, with a sliding glass on top looks most interesting.


10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

For a lot of us who love spending time in the kitchen creating new dishes for the family and trying our hands at being home chefs, cleaning is however, one task we do not enjoy, in addition to preparing for the dishes. Pre and post preparations when cooking food can give many people jitters. But what if we tell you that with the advent of technology, we know how appliances that not only make our work easy and quick but also make it a lot of fun to do. Here are 10 kitchen items that we do not necessarily need but we sure will crave to have in our kitchens.

Luxury Kitchen Sinks 2015-06-26 15-55-30

Among all other items and appliances that a usual kitchen may have, the sink is one of the most used items and is an inevitable part without which no one can think about the functioning of a kitchen. If you put this way, that any day, you can see that from the very morning the utility of a kitchen sink has started, and it remains in use till the last moments of a day’s work. So you can understand it’s very important and it is very much important for the homeowner to choose the best types of sinks for the kitchen that will flawlessly suit the decor and feel of your entire kitchen. It is also very crucial that the owner of the house should choose the appropriate sink which will be easily maintained apart from the fact that it is highly durable and Luxurious. 2015-06-26 15-13-36

Nowadays, especially after too much china products, the markets worldwide are filled with a huge variety of sizes, designs and shapes of the kitchen sinks which are created out of different materials and their fanciness and class will surely make you choose the best one. So many models are available at the present time, that the owner of the house will not have any difficulty in choosing the best kind of kitchen sink that will match the requirements and the decor of your kitchen. 2015-06-26 15-14-46

Luxury sink types

Talking about mounting types, there is the surface mount, where the rim of the kitchen sink remains visible at the countertop and also the under counter helps to mount the sink.  To have new and trendy hike for the sinks being made these days, surf the internet and search for contemporary and aesthetic kitchen design that come with a classy sink. You should keep in mind before going in search for luxury kitchen sinks, there are kitchen sinks available in a variety of looks, ranging from normal domestic to commercial to professional and even the retro design. When you look and arrive at a decision, it becomes quite simple for the owner of the house to opt for sinks that are made of marble, brass and stainless steel or iron. 2015-06-26 15-55-30

Why they are very popular:

In luxury style, there are types of stainless steel made kitchen sinks which are the very popular. The reason if you are wondering about their reputation is maybe because of the fact that they offer high durability; even though expensive they can be easily maintained and can last forever if some care is taken for them. Another type of a luxury kitchen sinks which is gaining very much fame worldwide; it is these Luxury Kitchen Sinks with granite kitchen sinks and comes in many types. The reason for that is that these are also durable as a sink with resistant surfaces that can withstand any type of chipping off or staining and scratching, apart from the fact that they are heat resistant which is the best thing. The only disadvantage you will find in granite kitchen sinks is that they are in a kind of bit expensive side because they are luxurious but are also highly durable, not to forget their resistance to the strains of everyday use. 2015-06-26 15-57-31

The Nespresso U Capsules: The Review

I’ve had the Nespresso ‘U’ capsule coffee machine for 6 months now and have never had a problem with the machine, the coffee or the customer service they provide. I’m not sure we quite get the George Clooney treatment every time we are pop in the store to grab some more capsules, but it isn’t too far off. However pleased I am with the machine and being in the Nespresso Club, there are definitely a few drawbacks to entering into the whole coffee capsule world. In this article I will cover the Nespresso and capsule coffee machine pros and cons as I see it.

Convenience is Key

The main pro to the Nespresso Machine is convenience. My dad recently visited me in Melbourne from the UK and he was so taken with the ease of the machine that he bought one as soon as he got home. He also owned a fancy machine which required freshly ground coffee, but never used it because of the time and effort it took to make a simple cup of coffee. The Nespresso machine is quicker (or just as fast) as making instant coffee, the machine does not require regular cleaning and the milk frother is easily rinsed out and ready to go again. Our little ‘U’ machine is all touch sensitive, and can be programmed to dispense an exact amount of water. We just pop in the capsule by flicking back the cover, flick the cover back to its original position and voila – off it goes. Pop the milk in the frother and press the button, around a minute later it’s warmed, frothed and ready to go in.

Capsule Purchase can be a Pain

Convenience in making the coffee is great. But buying the capsules isn’t so convenient. I live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and the Nespresso store is only around 5km away so picking up capsules is no problem for me. However, my Dad in the UK lives around 60 kilometres from the nearest store, so it’s not just a quick trip down the road. It is possible to order capsules online from the Nespresso store, but delivery is only free for quite large order (around 20 sleeves). Sometimes is just easier to buy the cheaper ‘compatible’ capsules from the supermarket, even if there is not as much variety to choose from.

Cost of the Machine

The cost of the lower end Nespresso machines is relatively high compared to other brands, but the build quality looks much higher. I picked up my machine for around $240 new, which I didn’t think was too bad, but they’re always on auction websites and local listings if buying a new one seems unnecessary. Where they do get you is the capsule buying. At between 73 cents and 84 cents per coffee, it’s not particularly cheap, although still cheaper than a 7/11 regular $1 coffee (the cheapest in town)! There are cheaper compatible capsules available, but there’s usually isn’t a great choice and they don’t represent a huge saving, usually working out at around 70 cents per coffee.

People say well that’s where they make their money and they’ve got you over a barrel now, you have to keep buying their capsules. Well the fact is I dont have to. I can use other brands of capsules at a cheaper price, or can bulk order online from over seas to try to make a saving. I use Nespresso capsules because Ive never had a coffe machine before and I really enjoy the wide selection from Nespresso. Drinking the coffee is a little treat that I look forward to and for the extra few cents Id rather have my favourites.

Limited Edition Coffees from Nespresso

Talking of favorites, Nespresso bring out even more coffee nearer to the Christmas season. Last years were Macadamia, coconut and hazelnut. The hazelnut coffee was delicious, a real treat with some thick foam and a slab of chocolate. Whenever you visit a Nespresso store be sure to try some free coffee, especially if you are there when the limited edition flavours are out.

Overall the little Nespresso U fits nicely into a small space and has some great features. Coming in three colours, black, orange and while it will go with all styles of kitchen Melbourne residents could ever wish for. It’s easy to maintain and the coffee is great, not as good as freshly ground of course, but it knocks the socks off instant.

Innovation and Top Quality Products

Kitchen renovations are not something we want to do every year. So why not pick something that will last and you will enjoy the product just as much. Custom made designer kitchens can easily be something one company can take on for you. To design kitchens only contact one company, Select Kitchens.


Select Kitchens stocks many of the top brands when it comes to kitchen design and renovations, one of which is Blum. The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees and top quality products. The company was founded by Julius Blum on 1 March 1952. With now over sixty years in motion, Blum can offer a wide variety of products.

The Products offered by Blum

Blum offers an impressive array of cabinet options, there are impressive lift systems that can fold, lift and swing up and over. You can have a bi-fold opening or simply a front swing to go up and over the cabinets.

Blum also produces hinge and box systems, which are hinge systems which can be used for many applications. The clip top mechanism is one of the most popular choices, which has been tried and tested by their valued customers. The box systems can work for metal drawers and pull-outs. The tandembox and the metabox both are popular designs with a wide range of applications for the customers.

Great Kitchen and Draw Solutions from Blum

The runner systems provides three different wooden drawer solutions. There is the movento that is the new evolution in motion, which has an ultra-smooth adjustment and action. Next, is the tandem which is universal and also practical, enabling you to have everything you ever wanted with a single runner system. Lastly, is the standard runner system, which offers the simplest and most cost effective runner system.

The orga-line inner dividing systems helps organise and divide your kitchen to best fit your needs. We have orga-line for the tandem box, wooden drawers and also accessories for the kitchen. These accessories make organising simple and everyday kitchen tasks becomes much easier.

Blum Focus on Customer Service
Blum services are definitely focused on making the customer happy. All products are made with customers in mind to make life easier and more manageable on day to day basis. Also, every product comes with comprehensive information materials to help understand the product.

Buying Blum products in addition to a Select Kitchens design can make your kitchen practical with the best quality you can desire. You can have enough storage space and top quality motion to increase the workflow in your kitchen.

Select Kitchens is a custom designer and complete renovator for kitchens in  who have an skilled team waiting to work with you and meet the needs of your perfect kitchen. If looking for kitchen renovations Melbourne homeowners call Select Kitchens for a quote.